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Question: What is restricted on offeritem.com?

Body parts & organs.
Copyrighted materials.
Counterfeit or pirated items.
Currency exchanges.
Duplicate listings or multiple listings with only minor modification to the title or description.
Giveaways (you cannot list something that is being given away for free).
Fake documents.
Firearms & ammunition, stun guns and illegal knives.
Freon and similar refrigerants.
Illegal drugs and drug accessories.
Illegal goods and services.
Listings that are miscategorized.
Live animals.
Low quality listings (titles and descriptions that lack quality or are meaningless).
Mod chips or mod chips accessories.
Personal information.
Prescription drugs.
Prohibited or regulated by law or regulated or harmful.
Radioactive waste or materials.
Tobacco and cigars.
Test listings.
Unavailable items (you must stock the items listed in your store).
We reserve the right to remove any items or stores that may result in loss to Offeritem.
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