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NEW! TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit

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NEW! TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit

  NEW! TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit
  NEW! TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit
  NEW! TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit
  NEW! TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit
  NEW! TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit
  NEW! TRX Rip Trainer Basic Kit
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portable TRX Suspension Trainer - Shao65308 -   The Human Trainer suspended flexible bands - Shao65308 -  

TRX FORCE Kit/TRX Trainer Essentials Bundle Military Version - Shao65308 -   TRX SUSPENSION TRAINER - Shao65308 -  


This is the original, portable bodyweight training tool developed by Navy SEAL Squadron Commander Randy Hetrick that people of all fitness levels are using to increase their strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance, and core stability.

Our newest edition to the TRX family. Develop rotational power, strength and core stability all while getting an intense metabolic workout with the TRX? Rip Trainer?. Comes with a Basic Training DVD, full color reference guide, nylon carrying bag, medium resistance cord with protective nylon cover and a foam door anchor。

New TRX Rip Training Basic Kit includes:
1. TRX Rip Trainer
2. Medium resistance cord with protective nylon cover 
3. Basic Training DVDs
4. Full color reference guide

Introducing the newest tool in TRX's weight training arsenal. The TRX Rip Trainer uses the asymmetrical loading of the resistance cord to constantly challenge one's balance and force maximum muscle recruitment. Like the Suspension Trainer, the Rip Trainer is lightweight, easy to set up, incredibly versatile, and it allows anyone at any fitness level to get a full body workout.


ecent, but overpriced6-17-2011 - by Rick Monkerson from Tacoma, WA
Quick and honest review of the TRX RIP Trainer is as follows: Compared to TRX Suspension Trainer? No contest. The Suspension Trainer is a game changer, a home run. The Rip Trainer is a decent product, maybe a single or lightly hit double. But at the end of the day these 2 products are not even comparable and should not be priced in a manner that suggests so. Exercise Variety? Average. As a Personal Trainer with 10+ years of experienced, I've been able to write a list of nearly 100 exercises. Much different from the 18 basic (and mostly useless) exercises TRX includes in their little packet to you. Bottom line, you need to be an experienced fitness professional to learn how to use this product to it's fullest. Sport Specific Training? This is where the value is. A great tool for sport specific athletes. On the flip side, those who are not athletes take a LONG TIME to coach through proper usage of this device, as their non-athletic movement patterns do not mesh with this product. Value? Not there. This is a $50 product. The Suspension Trainer is overpriced, but at least provides the value. I've bought several of them for my gym. I understand going in each time that I'm buying $20 worth cables I could make myself, but the Suspension Trainer is worth it. With the RIP Trainer, the price is abysmal and I would never purchase another one for my gym. One is plenty. Group Training? No. It takes up too much space, and is dangerous when being used due to the swinging/pushing/pulling and violent nature of the movements. You can't have people around the exerciser.

Functional fitness for everyone!5-25-2011 - by Trainer Troy from ,
The TRX Rip Trainer helps you move from foundational training gradually into training techniques that are functional at any fitness level. The Rip Trainer is exactly what I needed for myself as well as my clients! As a long time Fitness Therapist/Trainer and owner of MyBodyFatChallenge.com some of the most challenging aspects of my career have always been overcoming the infamous PLATEAU while adhering to the belief that functional fitness is the key to health and our overall well being. Everyone dedicated to fitness at some point experiences a plateau, and in knowing this I design macro cycles using a principal I call the PREDICTED PLATEAU Principal. The principal is based on numerous factors, SAID Principal, Individual Differences Principal, outcomes based goaling, current fitness level and constant body composition statistics monitoring. These key factors may help to predict a plateau as well as help determine how one will adapt to new exercises however, in some cases seeing a plateau coming or knowing what exercises the body has been trained to accept isn't enough and the professional trainer has to be ready! Thanks to The TRX Rip trainer I no longer consider plateauing an issue and I always look forward to seeing the look in my clients eyes when measurement day comes! I say this with the utmost honesty and respect for the industry as well as for people who need fitness in their lives. TRX Rip Trainer is the answer to the plateau, 100%! The TRX Rip Trainer is Functional Fitness! You never feel unnatural, adaption happens gradually over a long period of time, you feel you can always do one more rep, one more exercise and your fitness level improves with every single rep! A fun, amazing and versatile tool, everyone should own! Thanks TRX, Owner/Trainer MybodyFatChallenge.com FT, CFT, SPN

Great pairing with TRX straps5-18-2011 - by chris from Amwaj,
I eagerly waited for my back ordered straps. i got all three so i can have a set when working with friends. i am in the military and travel a lot so i am always looking for new ways to improve without restrictions. with the TRX straps i have been blown away on how many things i can do. It just seems i was always missing the resistance part. But not wanting to depend on weights was a must for me. The Rip trainer is so simple to use and travel and the ease to go from one exercise to another is awesome. i strap my trx to one thing and rip to another so i can go back and forth to intensify the workout. Only reason i didn't give it 5 stars is cause i wish i could they would have made more exercise programs like they got for the TRX even though they are coming that's my only gripe since it wont let me do 4 1/2. i gave it 5. i can't wait for what trx does for video training since they took simple straps and got so much more out of it. The rip will be an awesome new toy for them to figure out. chris

In the tradition of providing world-class gear, programming and education, TRX? proudly introducesthe TRX Rip? Training Kit.

While the TRX Suspension Trainer delivers static bodyweight-based stability and strength training exercises for the entire body, the new TRX Rip Trainer excels at enabling dynamic and explosive rotational movements that create a high metabolic demand.

Created by a former two-time US National Tae kwon do champion, the TRX Rip Trainer uses the variable asymmetrical loading of the resistance cord to constantly challenge your balance and demand maximal muscle recruitment. Plus, like the Suspension Trainer, it is highly portable and attaches in seconds to any secure anchor point so that you can use it anywhere.

You'll be training the same integrated movement patterns that you use in life and sport...all while strengthening your muscles, improving your endurance, building core strength and helping to prevent injury.

Like TRX Suspension Training, Rip Training can be adjusted for any fitness level to help anyone move better and improve performance no matter what their goal is.

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