Optimizing your listings part 3 – Google shopping optimization

We found a few ways that it’s possible to achieve a slightly better ranking (position) in Google shopping’s search results. Please understand that the method for achieving a better ranking is purely based on our experience with Google shopping.

Google shopping is similar in many ways to Google search. As with Google search, Google shopping focuses on relevant search results and trust factor. Trust factor on Google shopping is based on the number of reviews and rating average for a site (store). For instance a site with 10 reviews that have an average rating of 4 stars seems more trust worthy than a site with 10 reviews and an average rating of 2 stars.

On Offeritem.com, our reviews mostly come from Google checkout. Buyers that pay through Google checkout are sometimes asked to review the merchant that they’ve purchased items from. Buyers can rate the merchant from 1 to 5 stars. 1 star meaning “Poor: I would discourage others from this store.” and 5 stars meaning “Excellent: I would definitely buy from this store again.”.

Now sellers can only be rated on Google checkout if they accept Google checkout. The buyer must also pay for the order through Google checkout. Buyers are also randomly asked to rate a transaction. Through our studies, we’ve noticed that very few buyers rate transactions. However, the few transactions that are rated do have a positive effect on rankings and this is why I strongly recommend enabling Google checkout in your Offeritem account.

If you don’t have a Google checkout account, you can create one by going to www.googlecheckout.com.

In your Google checkout account, I recommend adding your Offeritem.com store link as the Google checkout “business URL” because the Google checkout team will disable your account if you don’t have a “business URL” specified.

Your Offeritem.com store link can be found on the Offeritem.com My Account page, just look for the “Store link:” area below the header.

Your item’s title and description is used to determine the relevancy of search results as well. If you haven’t read part 2 of optimizing your listings, please read that post for a better explanation of how your title and description play an important role in search results.

If you just listed your items on Offeritem, do not expect them to do well on Google shopping right away. I believe that the number of clicks that items receive in Google shopping also plays a huge role because this determines popularity which helps determine relevancy. If you’ve just opened your Offeritem store, it will take a little while before enough people click on your items through Google.

Besides relevancy, I think the click-through rate plays a role in trust factor. Receiving a lot of clicks also means that you’ve been on Google shopping for a while, therefore trust must be determined this way as well.

Click-through rate must go hand in hand with the search term being used for the search results. Therefore we strongly believe that your ranking (position) may vary for different search terms. Example, on a listing for “men’s black jeans” you may rank higher for the search term “men’s jeans” and lower for search term “black jeans” if the click-through rate is higher for “men’s jeans”.

The next major factor, “attributes”. We recently added brand, color, UPC (universal product code), MPN (manufacturer part number) and ISBN (International Standard Book Number) to the Offeritem sell form and these fields are critical in electronics and books.

When listing electronics always include at least 2 of 3 identifiers, brand, UPC and MPN being the 3 identifiers to choose from.

On books always include the ISBN.

Not including identifiers for electronics and books may result in your items not even showing up in Google shopping search results.

It is also advised to add the brand, color, UPC or MPN on non-electronic items as well but only if these identifiers apply to your item. Do not include fictitious identifiers to boast your rank because this will most likely backfire on you.

To boast sales you may also want to keep a close eye on the market value of your item. For more information, please see part 2 of optimizing your listings. By pricing your items competitively, your item may rank well when sorted by price.

To succeed on Google shopping, please follow Google shopping policies.

If you violate Google shopping policy, Google shopping will ban you.

Please see Google product search policies, and marketplace seller policies.

Please also see Offeritem.com listing policies.

Thank you for reading this post and this basically sums up optimizing your listings.

If you haven’t listed any items on Offeritem.com, I strongly recommend using the Offeritem sell form to list your items.

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