Buying and selling items online resulted in Offeritem

Just 12 years ago I feel in love with online shopping. I forget what the first thing that I bought online was but I do remember a set of 4 black vinyl center cap decals being amongst the first few purchases.

It’s funny when I look back at how I purchased this item. I owned a Ford Mustang at the time and was looking for a website about Mustangs (discussions, pictures etc) and I came across a forum about Mustangs. I started browsing the site and a little later ended up buying a set of decals for my car. I received the decals within a few days of placing my order. I was happy with the quality of the item and with my overall online shopping experience. I immediately put the decals on my car and started looking for other things to buy online. I was quickly becoming a dedicated online shopper and didn’t even realize it. A way to pass time was turning into a new way of life for me.

Throughout these 12 years I have purchased everything from everyday inexpensive items to cars online. When I mention buying a car online, I’m not referring to just looking up a car online. I literally purchased a car online. I searched for the car, found the car in California, contacted the seller, agreed to buy the car, sent a down payment and was on a flight to California within a week to pick up the car. I also made arrangements with the seller and asked him to pick me up at LAX airport. When I arrived in CA, the seller was waiting for me in the car. I looked over the car and was happy with the way the car looked. I got into the car and our next stop was the bank.

Since I had the balance in the form of a check, the seller wanted to make sure that the check was good prior to signing over the title. After the seller verified the check, he signed over the title and I was on my way home.

At the time I lived in NYC (nearly 3,000 miles away) and I know that some may ask themselves why I flew cross country just to purchase a car. I purchased this car online because it was the only car that I could find within my budget. The car was in really good shape and had low mileage. I was 21 years old at the time and really enjoyed traveling. For me this was like a vacation or maybe more like an adventure with perks.

See my goal for isn’t to just create a connection between a buyer and a seller or to help buyers find good deals. It’s also intended to create lasting memories. Those memories could be a set of china that you purchase off of the site, a wedding dress, prom dress or even a movie that you will watch over and over again. Whatever the memory is, we’d like to be a part of it.

I also prefer to shop online because it’s more convenient. Online you can shop 24/7. I especially enjoy shopping online during the holidays. Take Christmas for example, I did all of my Christmas shopping on black Friday from home. I personally would never skip an entire nights sleep or wake up very early in the morning only to spend my time in front of a store waiting for the “door buster” special to begin. On black friday, I did all of my shopping in less than half an hour from home.

Besides shopping online, I have been selling online for around 10 years. I forget exactly how my online selling started but I do remember that my hobby of building and upgrading computers had plenty to do with it. I had a bunch of spare computer parts that I needed to sell in order to buy new ones. I used the internet to sell my parts because it was easier and more convenient than going to a computer expo or flea market.

I eventually spent less and less time focusing on my computer hobby and more time selling online. Online selling was becoming my new hobby and it eventually became my full-time job.

I have sold hundreds of thousands of items online. Everything from 1″ x 1″ poly bags to cars. Sales prices varied from $1.00 to over $40,000.00 per sale and the cost to sell varied as well. I always had to calculate what I would be left with after selling my items.

Inexpensive items were usually the most troublesome. I didn’t have the time to accurately calculate the fees so I rounded off my prices. This may not seem like a big deal but on inexpensive items this could easily lead to a 10% or 20% markup.

Our goal is to eliminate the guess work for sellers. I want sellers to know what they’re left with after they’ve sold the item. When you charge sellers a fee for a store + commission + fees for image hosting + fees for being featured +++ things become confusing and usually result in buyers paying more or the seller losing money on the deal.

Sellers have a lot to worry about and marketplace fees shouldn’t be amongst these things.

There are many other ways that we marketplace owners can profit from this business. Take some of the internet’s most popular websites or even network television for example. These companies have managed to increase the quality of their content by not charging fees. Instead these companies profit from ads and in turn the advertisers profit from the quality content that’s being provided.

Our goal is to profit from ads, provide advertisers with quality content and in turn provide sellers with what they need or even more than what they need to complete a transaction. The end result is better deals for buyers, 100% profit for sellers, ad revenue for the marketplace and quality content for advertisers.

Now if you’re wondering about how buyers will find your items, I want to tell you that the items listed on our site get indexed by search engines and shopping comparison sites. However, having the listings indexed and having the listings do well are 2 different things. We need to work hard in order for the listings to do well and this is why I created an manual — please read why it’s important to optimize your listings.

Together we can capitalize on some of the advantages that we have over other marketplaces. Many of our sellers have already experienced the advantages of and I believe that many can experience greater success.

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