On May 3rd Google Shopping Will Require Product Identifiers

On May 3rd 2011 Google shopping will be requiring product identifiers on all non-clothing and non-custom made goods. I’m sure most of our sellers are aware of this because we’ve had a note at the top of the Offeritem sell an item form for weeks. This reminder was added because many categories required product identifiers even in the past. Product identifiers also help sellers gain better visibility. For more information on gaining greater visibility in Google shopping, please see Google shopping optimization.

Since Google is very good at generating sales for merchants by driving traffic to stores, it is recommended that sellers focus more on adding the required product identifiers. Continue reading

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Adding your Store RSS feed to Your Facebook Page

Please follow our instructions on adding your store RSS feed to Facebook. This is another great way to advertise your Offeritem.com store due to Facebook’s huge following. If you don’t have a Facebook fan page, I strongly recommend creating one at http://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php.
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Optimizing your listings part 3 – Google shopping optimization

We found a few ways that it’s possible to achieve a slightly better ranking (position) in Google shopping’s search results. Please understand that the method for achieving a better ranking is purely based on our experience with Google shopping.

Google shopping is similar in many ways to Google search. As with Google search, Google shopping focuses on relevant search results and trust factor. Trust factor on Google shopping is based on  Continue reading

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Optimizing your listings part 2 – How to optimize your listings

Your title and description play a very import role in people finding your items on Offeritem, Bing search, Bing shopping, Google search, Google shopping, Shopwiki, TheFind, Yahoo search etc because they are used to determine the relevancy of search results. Continue reading

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Optimizing your listings part 1 – Why it’s important to optimize your listings

Many online sellers today are accustomed to selling on marketplaces that charge listing, monthly or commission fees. Most of these marketplaces charge fees that range from 8% to 25% or more. These marketplaces are able to use a portion of this money for affiliate programs, to buy ads on shopping comparison sites, search engines, Hotmail, Youtube etc. This paid exposure helps the marketplace attract traffic on demand which usually results in quicker sales. You too can buy traffic and most likely profit from it, but our goal right now is to focus on making sales that won’t cost you money. In most cases time is the best substitute for money and this is what we will be focusing on.

Let’s now focus on how to generate traffic and sales for free. There are many free options to choose from but we will mainly be focusing on Bing search, Bing shopping, Google search, Google shopping, Shopwiki, TheFind and Yahoo search in this post. Continue reading

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Buying and selling items online resulted in Offeritem

Just 12 years ago I feel in love with online shopping. I forget what the first thing that I bought online was but I do remember a set of 4 black vinyl center cap decals being amongst the first few purchases.

It’s funny when I look back at how I purchased this item. I owned a Ford Mustang at the time and was looking for a website about Mustangs (discussions, pictures etc) and I came across a forum about Mustangs. I started browsing the site and a little later ended up buying a set of decals for my car. I received the decals within a few days of placing my order. I was happy with the quality of the item and with my overall online shopping experience. I immediately put the decals on my car and started looking for other things to buy online. I was quickly becoming a dedicated online shopper and didn’t even realize it. A way to pass time was turning into a new way of life for me.

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