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2012 NEW Power Grow comb

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2012 NEW Power Grow comb

  2012 NEW Power Grow comb
  2012 NEW Power Grow comb
  2012 NEW Power Grow comb
  2012 NEW Power Grow comb
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Power Grow Magic Leverag Circle Hair Styling

The power Grow comb includes

A - The power Grow Comb: Hair growth unit.
B - Massage comb: Relaxing rubber massage comb to use in the
C - Manicure set: Luxury pampering travel kit.
D - Hair brush: Professional hair salon brush.
E – Instructions


Congratulations you hâve purchased the most advanced hair
growth comb on the market today.
Please read and follow the instructions carefully.

Information about the Power Grow Comb

The Power Grow Comb uses Lasers and infrared
LED lights to help stimulate scalp cells. This ground braking
therapy also helps improye blood circulation. The combination of
Lasers and infrared-red lights helps to nourish hair follicles.
The Power Grow Comb also stimulates hair follicles
by vibration technology. The patented vibration therapy will help
increase blood flow to your hair follicles and in turn help improve
hair growth.
The attached comb also enables the-Laser and light therapy to
reach your hair follicles. The teeth of the combs are positioned
before or after the Laser and LED's to create perfect hair separation.
Through scientific investigation, engineering and design the Power
Grow Comb will help grow your hair! w your hair!

Inserting the Batteries

1. Open the battery cover.
2. Insert 4 AAA size batteries as shown

Turning the Power Grow Comb on.

To turn on the unit press the power switch by the logo. You will
hear a short beep and the LED by the power switch will glow red.
This means the Power Grow Comb is on.


Turning on the vibration mode.

The Power Grow Comb also features a vibrate mode.
On the side of unit, mqve the VIBRATE switch to the 'ON' position.
The vibration mode will then be activated. Note - the vibration
mode will only work when the unit is on and the power button has
been pressed.

Detaching the Hair Comb

If you desire, it is possible to detach the comb of the Power Grow
Comb and apply the laser and infrared lights directly
over your scalp. To detach the comb please locale the 'slide'
labels at either side of the comb. Once located please slide the
comb away from the unit. To re-attach the comb please click the
unit back into its original position. You will hear a 'clicking sound.

Directions of Use

You snould use the Power Grow Comb without
applying any lotions or gels.
Please use the Power Grow Comb for 10-15 minutes
every other day. Results will be visible in 8-12 weeks aprox.
Please move the unit slowly around your head in the direction of
hair growth, from front to back, and bottom to top.
Please make sure you cover ail of your head and move in a slow
controlled motion.

Massage Comb

The Massage Comb is especially designed to help circulate the
blood flow in your scalp and improve your hair growth.
It is possible to use the Massage Comb with either wet or dry hair.
For an exhilarating experience you may also use
the Massage Comb in the shower to help apply
Please place your fingers in the holes of the
Massage Comb.
Move the massage comb around your scalp in
a circular and controlled motion.

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